Plan for the 2017 Convention

Please see the events listing for information on the Convention time and location.

During this years convention we will be be electing SD43 officers and state central delegate.

The officers to be elected are SD43 BPOU Chair, Secretary,  2 House Deputy Chairs, and between 3 to 6 Vice Chairs per house district.

The MNGOP State Central delegates responsibilities are: “The general management of the affairs of the party in the state shall be vested in the State Central Committee, subject to the control of the state convention and this constitution“.  The constitution gives a complete description (throughout the entire document). However the short description is that they review and approve the budget, and elect state officers. They meet twice a year. People wishing to serve on State Central must be sure they can commit to attending potentially any where in the state, and the associated costs for the meeting and travel.

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